Richard Levine
Richard Levine

Richard Levine, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Richard Levine’s statement about his approach to his work:

Life's unpredictability makes all of us "accidental tourists." There is no GPS with which to navigate emotional turmoil. I will help you identify the sources of your insecurities, fears, and hopelessness and find a way to lessen their grip on your life. Impersonality and lack of connection with others characterize our culture. Often we feel alone. I will encourage you to find paths to better self care and to access your creativity. Our history and our present circumstances are interconnected and are part of therapeutic exchange. Above all, I will carefully challenge you to know and be truer to yourself.

My specialty emphasizes relationship over technique. Insight is a powerful tool but it is empty without compassion. I believe you are entitled to own your life. Often, letting go and loss are essential to change. I work with individuals and couples of all ages who yearn to live more fully.

Richard Levine works with Adolescents and Adults with Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Relationship and Family issues. This includes issues of divorce, grief, parenting, self-esteem, and anger.

Dr. Levine graduated from Michigan State University with a PhD in Clinical Psychology and has been practicing in the Madison area for over 20 years.

Outside of his practice Dr Levine enjoys movies, UW basketball, reading, photography and travel.